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As to Captains of 10

James James of Blaina in the county of
Miner States : I have attended the Chartist
Lodge at Z. Williams' house and have had a Card
and paid money - I produce a paper (List of 10 and a
) - William Davies who had assented to become
a Captn of 10 by arrangement amongst the others whilst
at work asked me to go to Z. Williams' house with the
Cards of the other men mentioned in the paper and get
a list of them made out - I went there and asked him
to make the List - he said he was too busy and told
me to go to his Son - I went and gave Llewellyn[*] the
Cards - he made out the List I now produce - he
wrote it in my presence - I had the Cards back and
gave them and the List to Wm Jenkins to leave
at the house of John Davies Jonathan for Wm Davies
In about a fortnight after Wm Davies refused to
take the List - Wm Jenkins brought it back to
me with the Cards - I gave the parties Cards to the
parties in the List and kept the List - I can swear
it is the same - I cannot read but I know my own
number 89 - call
_____________________James James

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List of 10 with
a Captain

[* Llewellyn Williams]



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