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Reg vs Etheridge

Mr Graham of Newport
Sheriff's Officer says - In the
Autumn of 1838. I went to the Bush Inn Newport
to look for a Man of mine - whilst I was there
someone asked me if I was going to the Meeting -
I asked what meeting - I was told there was a
large Chartist meeting up stairs - that Mr Frost
had returned from London & was going to make a
speech - I said I never was at a Chartist meeting
& I thought I should go - Etheridge (the Prisoner)
came into the Bar - I asked him if I could go up
to the meeting - he said yes if I would pay a penny -
____I thought
I said ^ it was not worth a penny - He said I should
not go in without paying - He then left the Bar -
I soon after followed him up stairs - He was then
_________of the meeting room
sitting at the door ^ smoking his pipe - He had either
a glass of Ale or Grog before him - He would not
permit me to come in until I had paid a penny - I paid
_____I also saw others pay him
& went in ^ - Mr Frost was speaking - he continued for
an hour & a half or two hours - talked about his journey
to London - his being taken off the Commission - that
he should like to have an hour's conversation with




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