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No. 248

Witnesses at Monmouth 30 Dec[embe]r 1839

James Emery
W[illia]m Rowsell
Stephen Fletcher
John Parry
W[illia]m Dainty
J.N. Catley
John Roberts
Edm[un]d Jones
Tho[ma]s Washburn
Benj[ami]n Williams
W[illia]m Colley
W[illia]m Booth
John Booth
Geo[rge] Coles
Moses Cook
Edw[ar]d Carroll
Geo[rge] Williams
James Price
James Hazledine
Lewis Morris
Fran[ce]s Rawlings
W[illia]m Morris
Henry Smith
Dominic Lancaster
David Jones
W[illia]m Coombs
John Maggs
Barnabas Brough
Tho[ma]s Watkins
W[illia]m Watkins
John Jones
Mary Jones
John Wilks



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