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Reg[ina] v[ersu]s Frost & o[the]rs
Notices sent to Witnesses to attend
at Monmouth on the Trial

[on left hand side of the page:-]
John Harford ------ Mon
W[illia]m Harris ------ Mon
James Hodge ------ Mon
John Davis ------ Mon
J.B. Stockdale
Phineas Sims
James Samuel------ Mon
Ed[war]d Brickley ------ Mon
James Coles al[ia]s Farmer ------ Mon
James Woolford ------ Mon
Edm[un]d Hopkins ------ Mon
Sam[ue]l Simmonds ------ Mon
John Rees ------ D[itt]o
Israel Furmen ------ D[itt]o
Ed[mu]d Williams ------ D[itt]o
Edw[ar]d Richards ------ D[itt]o
Sam[ue]l Williams ------ D[itt]o
Matthew Williams ------ D[itt]o
Henry Kear ------ D[itt]o
R[ichar]d Hawkins ------ D[itt]o
James James ------ D[itt]o
John Parsons ------ D[itt]o
Geo[rge] Lloyd ------ D[itt]o
Jos[ep]h Stockdale ------ D[itt]o
Henry Smith ------ D[itt]o
W[illia]m Howell ------ D[itt]o
Catherine Charles ------ D[itt]o
Morgan James ------ D[itt]o
Frances Gibbons ------ D[itt]o
Mary Jenkins ------ D[itt]o
Sam[ue]l Miles ------ D[itt]o
John Phillips ------- D[itt]o

[on right hand side of the page:-]
Christopher Kidner ------ D[itt]o
John Matthews ------ D[itt]o
Edw[ard] Dorey ------ D[itt]o
John Parry ----- D[itt]o
John Richards ------ D[itt]o
John Dallimore ----- D[itt]o
John Matthews ------ D[itt]o



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