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James Aust
Henry Chappell
John Dallimore
John Holman Evans
Christopher Kidner
John Matthews
John Phillips
W[illia]m Phillips
John Richards

Samuel Etheridge
Joseph Adye
William Graham
Thomas Gunter
Emily Horne
John O. Dwyer -
W.T.H. Phelps
Charles Rogers
Walter Williams

Solomon Britan
John Holman Evans
Ellis Flanders
David Jones
Thomas Morgan
[in pencil:- examination to be looked for]
Edw[ar]d Miles -
Moses Scard
William Watkins -
W[illia]m Crofts servant

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Z. Williams
W.T. Carpenter
David John (Blaina)
Davies, William
David John (Gellygaer)
Howell, William
Howell, Rachael
Hawkins, Rich[ar]d
Hawkins, N.I.
Harris, W[illia]m
James, James
James, Benjamin
James, John
James, William
Jones, Lewis John
Leonard, Simon
Lloyd, Edmund
Lloyd Ruth
Lloyd, George J.O.

W[illia]m Jones - Watchmaker
1 W[illia]m S. Cartwright
2 Dorey, Edward
3 Davies, W[illia]m
4 Davies, Herbert
5 Evans, Will[ia]m
6 Emery, James
7 Evans Holman John
8 Gray, Basil
9 Hopkins, Edw[ar]d
10 Green, Banj[ami]n
12 James, Morgan
13 Kidner, Christopher
14 Lloyd, Edmund
15 Lloyd, Ruth
16 Mills, Charles
17 Matthews, John
18 Maggs, John
19 Maddock, Tho[ma]s T.O.

John Lovell -
Dyer, Thomas
Evans, Henry
Evans, Daniel
Hopkins, Tho[ma]s
Morgan, Tho[ma]s
Marle, George
Pembro, Matthew
Parole W.P.
Stephens, Susan
Williams, Edm[un]d



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