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[top left hand margin:-]
Page 82

three column headings across the top of the page:-
Page-- Witness-- Remarks
[the following is placed under column heading "Witness"]
A 14 Adams William
28 Anthony Joseph

[in pencil:-] C 12 Coles James

C12 Coles James

[in pencil:-] E 14 Evans Henry
14 Evans Daniel

E14 Evans Henry
14 Evans Daniel
[in pencil in between the above two names:- Gray Capt[ai]n Basil]

[in pencil:-]
L 11 Latch Thomas</person>
25 Lloyd George


[in pencil:-] H 14 Hopkins Thomas
23 Hodge James
27 Howell William
28 Hawkins John Nicholl
26 James James

[the remainder is in pencil :-]
M 10 Morris Thomas

O 12 Oliver Thomas Bevan

P 15 Phillips Sir Thomas

R 812 Reece Thomas

S 8 Simmonds Sam[ue]l
27 Samuel James
27 Smith Henry

W 10 Waters Richard
18 Walker Thomas
19 Williams Matthew
28 Woolford James



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