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Morris Thomas - Land Surveyor
Miles Edward - Laborer - abiding with Edw[ar]d Hopkins, Gardener
Neck David - Confectioner
Oliver Bevan Tho[ma]s - Printer - abiding with George Oliver, Stationer
O'Dwyer John - Merlin Newspaper - abiding with John Leslie, Accountant
Phillips Jones Tho[ma]s - Attorney
Partridge Amelia - Spinster - abiding with John Partridge, Printer
Pembro Matthew - Publican
Powell Parfitt Will[ia]m - Surgeon - abiding with W[illia]m Phillips, Girder
Phelps H.T.W. - Attorney
Phillips Sir Tho[ma]s - Attorney
Parsons John - Butcher - Z. Williams
Palmer Bowe Cornelius - Clerk to T.W.Phelps - abiding with David Jones, Grocer
Phillips W[illia]m Tho[ma]s - Gent - abiding with Mr. T. J. Phillips
Rees John - Laborer - abiding with Rees Rees, Pill, Shoemaker
Rogers Stephen - Grocer
Rogers Charles - Druggist
Rogers John - Clerk to Mr. Phelps
Richards James - Plasterer
Simmons Samuel - Laborer
Stephens Susan - Widow - Publican
Scard Moses - Police Officer
Smith Mapson Thomas - Farmer - Maesglaes Farm
Smith Henry - Laborer - Williams - abiding at Newport Work House
Stack Richard - Major -45th - abiding with W[illia]m Baker, Widower
Venn Isaac - Dealer in Marine Stores
Williams Henry - Ironmonger
Williams Hen[r]y Will[ia]m - Accountant
Williams Matthew - Quarryman - abiding at the Union Poor House
Wood Frederick - Merlin Paper - abiding with Mary Williams, Clothes Seller
Williams Edmund - Laborer - Cwrt-y-Bella
Williams Samuel - Shoemaker - abiding with George Cheeseman, Laborer
Williams Herbert - Druggist



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