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No. 148(a)

Witnesses residing at NewportAdye Joseph, Watchman - Brewer Will[ia]m, Surgeon
Bradgate Charles, Keeper of Stow Turnpike - Brickley Edward - Blacksmith
Coles al[ia]s Farmer James, Blacksmith
Chappell Henry, Police Officer
Dyer Thomas
David John
Daily James
Evans Isaac
Evans Henry
Evans Daniel
Flanders Ellis
Gray Basil
Hopkins Edward
Hopkins Thomas
Harper Maria
Hawkins Nichol John
James Jeremiah
Morgan James
Jones Margaret
John William
Jenkins Mary
Jenkins John
[in pencil:-] W[illia]m Jenkins
Kear Henry
Lewis John
Lewis Thomas
Leonard Simon
Morgan John
Morgan Frances
Morgan Elizabeth
[in pencil:-]Miles Edw[ar]d
Morgan Samuel
Oliver Thomas Oliver
O'Dwyer John
Phillips Tho[ma]s Jones
Partridge Amelia
Permbro Matthew
Parsons John
Powell W[illia]m Parfitt
Phelps W.T.H.
Phillips Thomas J[unio]r
Rees John
Rogers Stephen
Simmonds Sam[ue]l



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