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Bedwellty Crow Henry - Letter Carrier - Tredegar Iron Works - [in red ink:- Evan Edwards]
Cullimore John Jun[io]r - Grocer - Abid[in]g with John / Cullimore Tredegar - [in red ink:- Benj[ami]n Richards ]
Davies William - Shopman - abid[in]g with Roger Davies - [in red ink:- Frost Jones]
Davies Benjamin - Publican - [in red ink:- absconded]
Edmunds William - Blacksmith - abid[in]g with W[illia]m / Edmunds Collier
Evans Edmund - Farmer - Nyadd Wen
Evans Esther - [in pencil:- D] [in red ink:- Important] - Widow - abid[in]g with Tho[ma]s Williams / of Tredegar - Miner - [in red ink:- Tippins]
George Henry - Publican
George - Wife of Henry George
Hughes John [in pencil:- at Newport] - Collier - Fleurdelis - [in red ink:- Tho[ma]s Llewellin]
Homan Will[ia]m Walter - Police Officer - Tredegar Iron Works [in red ink:- Evan Edwards ]
Harris Will[ia]m [in pencil:- D] [in red ink:- Newport] - Collier - Blacksmith } [in red ink:- Frost Jones] </add>
Harris Cecilia - wife of s[ai]d W[illia]m Harris }
Harford John [in red ink:- at Newport / Important] [in pencil:- D] - Collier - Blackwood - [in red ink:- Z. Williams]
Homfray Samuel - Iron
Jones Edmund - [in pencil:- D] - - [in pencil:- Crumlyn / Z.W. & D. Jenkins]
Jones Lewis John [in pencil:- D] - Collier -
[in red ink:-] Lewis Lewis [in pencil:- D] - Collier - Fleurdelis - Tho[ma]s Llewellin
Lewis William - Tredegar (overwritten in pencil:- Waterloo qy prisoners - [in red ink:- Benj[ami]n Richards]/del&gt;
Lloyd Edmund - Publican - Blackwood [in red ink:- Jones & Frost]
Lloyd Ruth - wife of s[ai]d Edm[un]d Lloyd
&lt;el&gt;Morgan Henry - Saddler Tredegar
- [overwritten in pencil:- qy { Ebbw Vale - no with persons]
Maddock Thomas [in red ink:- Important] - Fireman- Tredegar - [in red ink:- Z. Williams & Jones]
Phillips William - Laborer - Tredegar Iron Works - [in red ink:- Evan Edwards]
{ Pugh Richard - Publican - Blackwood
{ Pugh Esther - wife of s[ai]d Rich[ar]d Pugh
Pike James - Tailor - Rhymney Iron Works [ in pencil:-]
[in pencil:-] Evans George - D - Fleurdelys -
[in pencil:-] Hughes John - D - Tredegar



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