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Tredegar & Sirhowy Valley

Henry Crow (Tredegar)
John Cullimore (Tredegar)
James Hodge of Woodfield
lives in a House of his own
John Harford (Blackwood Collier)
lives in his own House
John James of Moneythusloyne
lives in a House of his own
Richard Lewis of Tredegar
Henry Morgan - Shoemaker
Thomas Maddock of Tredegar
Ruth Lloyd the wife of Edm[un]d
of Blackwood Publican of Royal Oak
House of his own
Samuel Roberts of Blackwood
living in his own House
lives Roger Davies Collier
abiding with

Benjamin Davies Fleur de lis
Beer House Keeper & Publican

lives in a House of his own
John Steven
Locomotive Turner

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Abersychan & Pontypool

of Tredegar
Edward Carroll (Varteg)
William Dainty(Abersychan Miner)
James Emery (Pontypool Cabinet maker)
David Jones of Pontypool Countryside / Agent
Richard Thomas Johnson of Pontypool
James James of Coal Brook Vale
Joseph Kerby of Pontypool
Thomas Lewis Varteg Iron Worker
Thomas Morgan Garnddiffaith
John Maggs Pontnewynidd
Lewis Morris (Machine man) British Iron Works
William Morris Hallier at the
John Morris Laborer at the
John MorrisLaborer at the
John Prosser Panteague
John Phillips of Crossycylog Lanvrechva Laborer
John Phillips of Lanvrechva



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