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Caerphilly Fair Thursday the 9 Oct

Regina vs Frost and Jones
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Thomas Maddox States
About the middle of October I heard
there was a Meeting to be held at The
back of the House of Zephaniah
I do not recollect the day of the
Month it was the last public Meeting ever
held there - I saw from four to five hundred
men there many from Tredegar that I knew-
I saw MrJohn Frost first go up to Speak
he said that he hoped the men would stick
true to their courage as they had done from
the beginning that if they would have the Charter
the Law of the Land and that very shortly
( Mr. Frost ) spoke on the Subject for about Twenty
Minutes and said he was still the same and
that he was willing to sacrifice his life to
maintain the Cause.

Then Jones of Pontypool got up
he saluted the congregation and they gave him
Three Cheers he then said he had been in the
Forest of Dean as he was appointed he mention-
ed several places he had spoken in for the Charter
he said that in some places he had met
great difficulties and that he had been to
Col[e]ford and the Parson would not allow him



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