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to speak unless he gave Three days notice
and that he went a short distance from that
and had a comfortable Meeting and addressed
from Four Thousand to Five Thousand Persons
that at one Public House he was refused
victuals even for money and that he went
to a Private House and dined off the best-
That he saw the Game and Deer about
the Forest and all the Riches there but
that the Inhabitants could not touch them
though they were their own and that before
he left the Forest he had got a great
many Thousands in the same mind as
himself such they were willing to assist
their Brothers in Monmouthshire in any
thing that would take place and that he
was as one willing to sacrifice the last drop
of Blood in his body to maintain the cause
and that he hoped all of them would keep
the Peace with their Enemies and if their
Enemies would break the Peace with them
then we shall take swords in hand and put
their heads under our feet I can answer
for myself and my Brother Frost who stands
here by me for I know as we Stood from
the beginning we will Stand to the last
Struggle. He then asked the Congregation
if they were all of his mind they raised
their hands and said we are and gave



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