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stick saying "you must have some thing
in your hand" one of them then asked
me if there were any Guns or Pistols
in the House - I said there was
not any - The men then took me
to the passage door - I asked them
to let me fetch my Hat - they
refused - one of them fetched it for
me - I asked them to let me see my
Master - They said its no odds about
your Master - you must come with
us down to Newport - I then
asked them to allow me to go and
speak to my Wife and to get my
Great Coat they said its no odds about
your Wife - we've left our wives at
Home - I then asked them what
they wanted of me at Newport- They
said it was for my good as well as
theirs that they were going for- I
went with them about a mile and a
half on the Road towards Newport -
When I joined them there were about
forty or fifty of them - they were all
armed some with Guns - others had
Hay pikes and different sorts of
weapons - A great many carried
Lanthorns in their hands with
lighted candles in their hands



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