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[top right ] 4
John Morgan of Tredegar Collier lodged at
the house of Wm Evans at Tredegar Collier-
About 7 O'clock on Sunday Evening previous
when the Chartists rose two men came to my house
both strangers & said I must come along with them (there
were many men outside) I asked them where they said
t'was no odds to me I must come along - I went with
them to Twyn Star (a Village about 1/2 a mile from
Sirhowey) where a crowd were assembled - Reece
Reddith [*]
(one of the killed) was calling over the names
of the Captains - I only recollect two of the names
_______________________the Tinker
he called over - one David Jones ^ & the other Wm
. It was about 8 when we moved from Twyn
. We came by Pen-y-cau. We did not stop
between Tywn [Twyn] Star and the Welsh Oak about 4
______________________Wm Morgan
miles from Newport- David ^ was put over me

at the Welsh Oak- I saw John Frost he was telling the men to "get on"-
I never saw him before but I asked who ^ was that man & was told it was Jno Frost
& several others & kept near us all the way down
he was dressed in a rough dark frock Coat & I think a red cravat round his
neck I don't recollect what Hat exactly but I think a black one - I quite x

to the Welsh Oak as Captain but I did not see
him between Twyn Star & the ^Welsh when the
different troops came together - in the Park
Frost told the men to stand in ranks on the two lines
of the tram road like so as to leave the space between empty.
I was standing in this space, Frost came up to me
____& push me amongst the others ___to me
and took me by the shoulder ^ and said ^ "What
the Devil do you stand here for, keep in your rank
& mind you do not go from there"- He then ranked

[l. margin]
x recollect he had
a black ribband
round his round
his c...
collar but
I did not observe
this until I was
in the Park

[* i.e. Meredith]



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