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every man in his place, started them on and went first. -
We came towards Newport up a hill by the a turnpike -
down another Hill passed a Church and stopped at the
bottom of the Hill opposite a large house the Westgate Inn
I was then about 7 yards from Frost as near as I can think -
Frost was then about the front of the house - I was near the
corner - I had not been then more than a minute I think
when I saw Frost turn to the crowd I heard him say
"fire fire fire" very quickly (this was before the soldiers
fired- & before the windows were broken in) - The mob immediately
fired - I tried to run away but was shot, this was about
5 minutes after the mob first fired- I did not see Frost
after he gave the word to fire -

At Twyn Star I saw a man with a wooden leg, he
is one of 4 brothers who live at Twynstar - I don't know
their names - I think they are miners - He seemed to
be a leader or to go Willingly - he was Standing with the
other leaders - I did not see him afterwards - I saw no
other wooden legged Man- I think he had on a blue
coat, black hat- he was rather short & stout - I did not see
anything in his hand- The Tredegar Constable told me
afterwards he was one of 4 brothers I did not know him -

___________________John Morgan

Witness J.H.E.
22nd Decr 1839



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