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David Neck States - I am Clerk to Mr David Williams
Solicitor of Newport - on the 4th November
last I was a Special Constable - I was standing at the
Westgate Inn on the morning of that day - I was not
stationed at the Westgate Inn but went there it being the
head quarters for the Special Constables - I was standing
on the step of the Westgate Inn door about nine o'clock in
the morning - I then saw a large body of men turn the
corner from Stow Hill and come round in front of the
Westgate- they passed on towards the yard gates
as they were passing I saw Charles Waters amongst them
he was going with them - Charles Waters carried a Gun
in his hand- I am sure it was Charles Waters- I knew
him before that day- I am certain he carried a Gun-
he passed me and immediately afterwards I saw a man
come from the crowd with a Gun in his hand towards
the front door of the Westgate- I was there standing at
the Westgate door - the door was then open - As I was
turning round to go into the house I heard a person
outside say "Surrender as our prisoners" or "Surrender
our prisoners" I then ran into the house and at the
Bar met the Mayor at the Bar who was proceeding towards
the room where the Soldiers were - I followed him, the
firing immediately commenced from the street into the
room where the Soldiers were stationed - the Shutters were
closed half way up the window - the Soldiers did not
fire until after shots were fired into the room from the
outside- I saw the Soldiers load their pieces after I got
into the room - I saw Serjt Daley wounded in the forehead
I also saw the Mayor wounded - they were wounded by the
Shots fired into the room which was before any shot had
been fired by the Soldiers ______________ Call - David Neck



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