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made his appearance in the passage opposite to the Pantry, and
when preparing to thrust at one of us, fell at my feet on his face, & lay
there with scarcely any motion, apparently dying - After several unsuccessful
attempts to tie up my arm the blood was sta[u]nched and I then
approached the door of the Pantry for the purpose of learning the
state of affairs, at this moment one of the Soldiers who had approached
the door of the Room in which they were placed, not being able to
distinguish me through the smoke, presented his musket at me
within a few feet of my head when Lobbett, the person who bound
my arm called out "for God's sake don't fire it is the Mayor" ~ ~
whereupon the Soldier threw up his piece, and I went into the Room
and remained there till the firing had ceased - In my Judgement the
firing continued altogether about 10 minutes - When all was over &
it seemed probable that a second attack would not be attempted
I went into a Bed Room where my wounds were dressed - Mr Wm
who described the wound on the arm as having been produced
by Slugs and the wound in the hip as caused by a bullet - In a
short time afterwards Mr Blewitt & the Revd Mr. Coles came to
me and at my request Mr Blewitt consented to remain in the Town
and take my place.




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