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Thomas Jones Phillips sworn states - I am an Attorney
residing & practising at Newport in the County of
Monmouth where I ^ resided during the last 5- [?] years -
& upwards - I have known the Prisoner John Frost -
about 40 years - I am Clerk to the Magistrates -
acting for the Boro of Newport, also for the
Divisions of Newport, Bedwellty & Christchurch -
On Sunday the 3rd November last one Mr Homfray
one of the Magistrates acting for the Division of
sent a Messenger to request my -
immediate attention at Tredegar Iron Works -
in order to assist the Magistrates acting for that
Di... Division in checking the progress -
of an outbreak which was then expected to
to take place in that district - in pursuance
of Mr Homfrays expressed wish I hastened
to Tredegar Iron Works which is at a -
distance of 25 miles from my residence-
I arrived there on time about 3 o'clock
on Sunday Evening - & found Mr Homfray

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