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Abercarne which is about 7 miles from
Newport - there we overtook several Colliers
& Miners who taking advantage of the slow
rate the Coach was proceeding down a steep
Hill got up on the out side of it & expressed
their intention to go to Newport - The Coachman
der told them what the fare was, one or two
of them paid the amount demanded and the
others said they had no means - I then --
accepted that something disagreeable
was going to take place & expressed to the
Coachman my surprise that at his permitting
^ persons to occupy places on his Coach without
paying their fare & those persons were
compelled to abandon their seats -
on the road down from thence to Ty du Iron
which are within about 3 miles
of Newport we passed several groops groups -
of persons (either Colliers or Miners) proceeding
in the direction of Newport, most of them
were armed, some with Guns, & others -
with Pikes & Mandrels - Two persons



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