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numbers seemed to increase- After we --
passed the village of Bassalleg, the Coachman
became very much alarmed & asked me if
I though he could safely proceed, he said
he thought he we had better return to
Bassalleg & go into Newport along another
road- I strongly remonstrated against his --
doing so & expressed my desire to get to
Newport as soon as possible- He then ----
consulted the Guard upon the proceed
propriety of proceeding - I saw he the -
Coachman was frightened & feeling -
a great desire to get home to my family
I told him that if he did not directly
proceed I should compel him to do so
by taking the reins into my own
hands - He was then induced to proceed
& we arrived at Newport about
1/2 past 10 o'clock - When I arrived at
Newport my first inquiry was for my
family- I found my House deserted
& that my family had gone sought



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