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Esther Pugh of Blackwood in the parish of
Wife of Richard Pugh of the same place publican
will prove that she has lived 9 years in Blackwood next
March - the House is called the Coach and Horses - About
8 or 9 months ago a Lodge was opened at the large
Club Room in the House which will hold about 60 people-
There were a few Shoe Makers who began it first - Owen
- there were strangers to me - They said their
object was to collect a few pence to buy some papers- By
degrees people joined the Colliers of the Neighbourhood were
the principal ones- The Northern Star - the Charter
Vindicator and other Chartists papers- About the Duke
Town Meeting
before Whitsuntide Edwards the Baker of
Newport now in Monmouth Gaol came and then it was
that they began to talk about the Charter- Vincent came
and addressed the people - On Wednesday another Meetg
was held and Zephaniah Williams and Jones of
Pontypool were there- Williams and Jones went away
and returned late and slept at my House - On Thursday
Evening another Lodge was held at my House - Frost &
Z. Williams were there that night - About 11 or 12 o'Clock
on the Friday as well as I can recollect John Frost, William
from Pontypool & Reynolds (a preacher) Z. Williams
and many others came - William Davies (Son of
Roger Davies of Blackwood) was there - He told me he
had brought a Delegate from the North - I heard the
Meeting was a meeting of the Delegates from the different
Lodges there- I should think there was 30 there they
began about 11 or 12 and went away about 4 or 5
o'Clock in the Evening - Frost and the others
had led and went away - No one slept at my
House that night- On the Saturday Evening
there was a meeting held - I did not go up to

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