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at home - My Husband went
out about 7 O'clock and came
back about 10 a little before.
He did not say where he had
been to - My Husband was
____________all day
at home [?] Sunday ^Monday
I never saw any Arms bro- t
into the House. I do not know
who was the Secretary I did
not hear anything said about
the Chartists rising Sunday
night except a few passing
down- I did not know there
was to be a rising that night
I never ^ [*]Frost or Z. Williams
say anything about the
Chartists- I do not know young
I never saw him
I have only spoken to three
persons since I have been down
here - I was brought down
here as a Witness for the Crown
The persons I saw since were
Jno Batten's girl Ann Perkin's

[* looks like W... but
Mr might be intended]



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