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He asked her where my Sister
was my Sister is Beachem
the Wife of Beachem who is
in Custody. I saw John Williams's
I asked her if her Husband
was got off. She I said nothing
more- I saw a gentleman
in the passage of this House
who asked me if [?] What
brought me down I said
I did not know I swear
that is all the conversation
I had with the gentleman
I should know him again

I know Roger Davies Shopkeeper of Blackwood I know
William Davies his Son I did not see him with
Frost and Z. Williams at my House the Friday
before the Riots I do not recollect seeing Wm Davies
before then he had been from home ill with his mother
I will swear I did not see Wm Davies at my House
with Mr Frost or Z. Williams
the week before the Riots
I saw Wm Davies going by
our House on Horseback
on Monday the Day of the Newport [?] R[iot]
between 11 & 12 ^ He was going
down the Tram Road It was
not a very large or a very small
Horse he rode. He was not
going very fast I don't know
how he was dressed. I have
not seen him since

___________ The mark of
___________Esther Pugh

[indented left]
Taken on Oath this
30th day of November
1839 Before us
her Majesty's Justices
of the Peace for the
County of Monmouth
__ Octavius Morgan
[overwritten ?xxxxx]

[left margin] -
[lines 6-10]
vs Frost
William Jones & o-rs /
Esther Pugh

Roger Davies
Wm Davies



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