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Richard Pugh - I am Landlord of the Coach &
Horses at Blackwood
There Ch There is a Chartist
Lodge held at my house - Monday night used to be
the usual night of meeting - There were a few persons
at my house on the Monday night previous to the
Riots - I took the money some times - I took all
the money- Wm Barwell wrote in the books
sometimes- Cull Currington at others -
Barwell generally gave out the cards - Nothing was charged for
them- the money was applied to to buy papers - [~]
[~] they had the Northern Star the Charter x
On Friday Frost, Jones (the Watchmaker)
________________________ & Jones
I believe Zephaniah Williams ^ slept in my house
_____they came in between 9 & 10 O'clock
on Thursday night ^ & breakfasted there Friday
morning- Jones the Watchmaker breakfasted
with him
I staid at my house until about 11 or
12 O'clock- they went out then up the road- I don't
towards Blackwood - they were at returned in about
an hour & a half - The in The Delegate meeting
was held between 12 & 2 O'clock that day - There
might have 12 or 20 - I don't know how many -
Doctor Price came to my house door on Friday but
It was about 12 or 1 O'clock I saw Mr Frost speaking to him
did not come in that I know of ^ - The meeting was
_____________________________& some others
over about 4. Frost Williams & Jones ^ then had
tea - I believe there were 9 or 10 altogether - They
left my house about dusk - I heard my Girl

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x sometimes
the Vindicator

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