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John Rees Sworn says - I am the son of Rees Rees a
Constable- I am thirteen years of age my father lives at Pillgwenlly
I was standing by our house about a quarter to nine o'Clock yesterday
morning a man came down the Tram Road on Horseback - he said
the Chartists were coming - me and another boy ran up to the machine
and we met the mob a large party of men the other side of the machine.
They were armed some with Guns some with pistols some with Pikes -
some with Mandrels - I saw Mr Frost there, he came in front of the
Mob I did not see the other prisoner (a) there - Mr Frost was standing by
the side of the crowd in the front - there was a boy there- Frost asked
the boy where the Soldiers were - the boy said about a dozen had gone
down to the Westgate - there was another man on the other side of the
crowd called Jack the fifer his name is John Rees - Jack the fifer
had a pistol in one hand and a pike in the other - he told the boy to
go back and tell them they meant to have the Westgate for themselves
by and bye - it was said loud enough for Frost to hear - Another man
in the crowd said they did want a waistcoat very bad as they were
very wet - Mr Frost stood one side and Jack the fifer the other
side - they both said "March"- Mr Frost did not say it very loud but
the other man did - they then marched - one party went up the Hill
towards the Friars and the other party in the direction of Commercial
- I saw them afterwards meet at the top of Charles Street opposite
Mr. Hopkins's - I did not see Mr Frost there - I am sure I know
Frost and that he was the person I heard cry "march"- I knew him
before - I saw him speaking to the mob from his window the day Mr
was taken - the boy to whom Mr Frost spoke about the Soldiers
was James Farmer - he works at Mr Phelps's yard with the Smith.
_______________________________________________ John Rees

[left margin: l.9] (a) Charles Walters



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