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Samuel Simmons sworn says - I am a Laborer &
live at the Salutation in the Town of Newport - between 8 & 9 o'Clock
x yesterday morning I was at the Machine - I saw there a great
crowd of persons - some with Guns some with spits some with Pikes
and all kind of tools, they were marching when I saw them they
went up the Lane by the Friars - I saw ever so many at their
head- I saw Mr Frost at their head - I did not see him give
any directions - the boys were hollowing and Frost put up his
hands to stop them - they stopped at the Turnpike when Mr Frost
turned round and told them they had better shew themselves to
the Town first - they went down Stow Hill - Frost was walking
down by their side - I walked down the Hill all the way with
- I saw them go to the entrance Gate into the Westgate Yard
which they found fastened - Mr. Frost was then at the head of
them - I heard him say to the mob now you must "turn round
and make your appearance in the front" - I was not three yards
from Frost at the time - I heard him say nothing else - they
turned round as he directed them and went in front of the
Westgate Inn
- they rushed in at the door - I heard the Guns fired
and I went over to Mr. Mullock 's door - I can't say I know the
Prisoner Walters - I did not see him in the Crowd - It was nearly
ten o'Clock I suppose the last time I saw Frost near the Westgate -

________________The mark x of Samuel Simmons

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x Monday

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