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Edward Hopkins sworn - I am a Police Officer of
Newport between 8 and 10 o'Clock yesterday morning I was at the
Westgate Inn
at the entrance door - I saw the Prisoner Walters there
I know him well he was carrying a Gun- I did not see him use
it - he passed by the Door with the rest of the Crowd armed- I
did not see John Frost there- I searched John Frost last night (a)
he delivered me the three pistols now produced they were then loaded
and capped - he also gave up a flask and some bullets - they were
all on his person- I searched the Prisoner Walters - the four -
Pistols and Bullets the powder flask and lucifer matches now also
produced were found on his person and taken from him by me
and in my presence - The pistols were all loaded and primed -
______________________Edwd Hopkins

[left margin: l.6] (a) 4 Novr



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