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Rees Rees of Pillgwenlly in the parish of Saint Woollos
in the county of Monmouth
Constable States -
_____That on Sunday Morning the 4th Novr last I
was standing at the door of Mr Hopkins House
which is situated between Stow Hill and the
, and saw the Mob advancing down to
the Westgate in ranks some armed with guns
but the greater part with Pikes. I remained
at Mr Hopkins door until the firing was
over at the Westgate and saw the Mob retreating
up Stow Hill. I saw many of them drop
their weapons in the road. I picked up
several in different parts of the Town. I
should think to the number of forty, and
they appear to me to be of the same
description and similar to those now
_______________ The mark of
___________________ X
________________Rees Rees

John Rogers



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