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Mapson Thomas Smith sworn states - I am a farmer
and live at Maes Glaes farm near Newport - I know the
prisoner at the Bar- I have known him about 12 months
rather more - On Monday morning the 4th November between
10 & 11 o'Clock in the morning I was on the Turnpike Road
riding towards Newport - I met a great number of persons
they were in small Lots they were running. I met them

between the Road turning from the Turn Pike Road towards
my House and the Westgate - they were running from Newport
towards Cardiff
. I saw the prisoner a Little the Newport
side of the Waterloo Turnpike Gate
it was between the Gate
and Mr. Powells Lodge some of the men I saw running
away had arms one had a Double Barrelled Gun - Another
had a single Barrelled Gun. The prisoner had no arms

that I saw he had nothing Visible that I could see
I did not speak to him Just as I came within one
Yard of him he turned his face from me and looked
rather down
. He appeared to me to look as if he wished
to avoid being seen - I had heard firing that morning
in the direction of Newport but not a great deal- I was too
distant- I have met the Prisoner before on the Road
he has had occasion to come to my house. When I
have met him before I have spoken to him.
_________________________Mapson T. Smith

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