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what they were going to do - they said
it was a general thing throughout
all England Scotland Wales &
Ireland & that they were going
to Newport - I asked what they
were going to do there they
said they said they did not know till
they got there - they were all
______Guns Pikes , Swords
armed with ^ Sticks & things
Some guns were fired off by my House
they asked for my Knife to cut
them Sticks & put them Spears on
I had a Gun they took it down & looked~
~at it they told me
I must take it - The Gun was no use I sd ~
~ if I must I wo/uld/
take the Gun myself - my wife took /.../.../
They said Mr Frost was with them
my House is a quarter of mile this
side of the Welsh Oak I had gone
about 3/4 of a Mile with them - towards
________________a Man
Newport when we met overtook us on
___________Horse was
Horseback. The ^ dark brown [??]Ho/u/se a
larg/-/ish Horse. He had a long spear in
his Hand longer than any of the others
He had on a light cot[t]on ^ coat Dark Hat
& Dark trowsers - His coat was buttoned.
He appeared to be 30 or 40 a jolly looking
man Man : He said come on my
Men come on my good fellows you
ought to [?] be come bac[k] down 2 hours ago
he had no lanthorn I did not see more
of them I never went with them ~
~until I came to Mr Morgans

[r. margin: lines 8-12]
x ____ Reg v xxxxx
Harry George
Thomas Smith
[in pencil] Smith



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