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at my Head - I should think the barrel
was from three to four feet in length -
I said "come less of that I can use those
tools was as well as you can" - and
pulled a pocket Pistol from my waistcoat
pocket - I struck the Gun up and Spear
up and presented the Pistol - one said
"Where is your Gun" I said "I lent it to one
of Sir M Charles Morgan's keepers on
Friday last"- They then said "Where are
your Pistols" - I said "one is in Bristol
being repaired the other is in my pocket"
they said "Where are your Cannons" - I
said " I lent them to a friend at Machen"
one said "you have two Swords, where
are they" - I laughed & said "the Children
have been playing with them until they
have hacked them to pieces" - They
said "Well we Shall See" and rushed
into the House - I should think there
were upwards of one hundred and
twenty in the House at the same time -
I took a Candle (lighted) and from the Stairs
and went into my office with them - over
the fire placed I had a new powder flask
hanging - one of them unhung it and
asked what was in it - I told him to
shake it - there was nothing in it, it
had never been used - I said "put
that down - there's no Arms here" - They
put it on a table in the middle of the



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