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Room - & there it remained - One of the men
went to a Desk in the Room upon Seeing which
I said "Do not touch anything there - It is
not my property it is the Company's - They
left it untouched - They then proceeded to
the Parlour door which was locked - one
of them said "perhaps you have the arms
here" - My Wife gave me the key - I opened
the door and showed them into the Room
and said Her "there's no arms here and
nothing but my books and papers - touch
nothing" - All I lost from that Room
was a Walking Stick and a yard - Whilst
I was with them in the Parlour another
party of them went into the back kitchen
and took from thence a new Lanthorn and
and from the dairy from three to four pounds
of Candles - All the bread and Cheese -
they attempted to take a Leg of Pork out of pickle
upon which my Wife remonstrated when one
of them Struck her upon Head with the
bludgeon - and Sing out for me - I
rushed out of the Parlour and again took
the pistol out of my pocket and went towards
the Dairy - On my way I met the party
coming out - about a dozen Men - my
Wife said to me one of these men has
struck me - I went back to the front
door when one took me by the Collar and said
"you must go with us" - I said "I had the
Rheumatism I cannot Walk " another
took hold of me - I said I will not go -
someone outside said "He has no arms



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