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"don't injure him nor his family" - About
12 o'Clock I put
They then went away
Several of them were armed some with
Guns, Spears and other Weapons - About
12 o'Clock I went from my House to the
Full Moon
kept by Henry Lewis to see
if I could identify any of them - I
saw Thomas Batten - I told him to go
home - I also saw a man of the name
of Pillinger - I think his Christian
name is Edward - I asked him what
he wanted amongst such a crowd as
that - He said He was compelled to
go with them - He had no weapon
with him - the House was crowded
to excess - The men were all drinking
I saw no Arms with any in the House -
I remained there until three o'Clock
in the morning - I then returned home
and went to bed - I am unable
to identify any of the men who were
in my House -
____________ Benj Strickland

[left margin:]
Mr Strickland
Reg. vs Thomas Batten
Edwd Pillinger

[r. margin]
[?] 642...



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