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Royal Oak 45

Reg vs

James Dyer Butler to Mr W.T.H. Phelps
Stow Hill Newport says I went with
William Gordon ____ who works for
My Master
into the Royal Oak in
Mill Street Newport on Sunday
___________________in the Evening
Evening last about 7 O'clock ^
to have a glass of ale
& saw
That there were a great many ~
_ the Kitchen & parlour nearly full
~Men there at least 50 or 60 I did ~
_ by name but should know some of them
_ by sight if I were to see them
~ not know any of them __ [^] We and
______2 glasses of ____we were in the Parlour
I ordered some Ale ^ whilst there
We observed the men whispering to
__ a man shortly after came in
each other [^] I thought they did so
thinking we were strangers to them
I saw a Man pull out a paper of
Gunpowder about 1/2 -lb in quantity
_____put upon the Table and said
which he divided amongst some
this is all I have got - one of the others
said never mind we have plenty
of the others I saw another Man
more : The men then rose up and
directed the rest to go ac//ross ~
pull out another paper of Gunpowder
about -lb which he also divided
amongst some of the party-

[the last three lines of text are excised
- with a vertical strike through]



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