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Regina v. Unknown persons

Ann Thomas - I am Servant at Mr John Llewellin's -
at Abercarne - I was at home all day on Sunday the
third November instant. About half past nine o'Clock
on Sunday night I heard a loud knock at the Kitchen
door - I heard a noise outside the door - like a great
many men talking together - Some of them said
"open the door - or we will break it open" - I did
not know any of the voices - The door was not
bolted - it was fastened tight - it was jammed close -
and could not be opened without force - Immediately
the men demanded admission - I ran to the Parlour
and gave the alarm - I then returned to the Kitchen-
When I got to the Kitchen I saw several men entering
in at the Window - the door was forced open -
I saw my Mistress in the middle of them in the
Kitchen - about twenty or thirty men were in the
Kitchen- Some entered through the Kitchen window
they having forced open the sashes and burst the
Shutters which are on the inside - they were all
armed - Some with Guns and some with Sticks
Some of them passed through the Kitchen towards
the offices which are on the same floor as the
Kitchen- I saw three of the men enter the office
some of them remained in the Kitchen - others
went up Stairs - My mistress was in the Kitchen
whilst the men were there - and directed me to
give them some bread and cheese and Cider - one
of the men said "We don't want bread and cheese
and Cider - it is men and arms we want"
I left the Kitchen and went to the Cellar which is
underground - I drew some Cider and took
it to the Kitchen and placed it upon the Kitchen
table- I then put out some bread and cheese-
Some of the men partook - others refused - I
was greatly alarmed - Some of the men asked
me if there were any Guns or men in the
House- I said there was not - they then
asked if there was any Swords there - The
men remained in the House about a
quarter of an hour after they first came -
they passed out through the Kitchen door -
when they went away.



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