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Regina v. Unknown persons

Ann Thomas - I am Servant at Mr John Llewellin's
Abercarne - I was at home all day on Sunday the third
November last instant - About half past nine o'Clock
on Sunday night I heard a loud knock at the Kitchen door -
I heard a noise outside the door like a great many men talking
together - I did not know any of the voices- The
door was not bolted - it was fastened tight - it was jammed
close - and could not be opened without force - Immediately after
the men demanded admission I ran to the Parlour and gave the alarm~
~ & then returned to the Kitchen - When I got to the
Kitchen I saw several men entering through the Window -
^ after the door was forced open - I was then in the Kitchen
I saw my mistress in there the middle of them -
about twenty, or thirty men came into the Kitchen - Some
_____________________ [^]were
entered through the Kitchen Wndows - they having forced
open the Sashes and burst the Shutters which are on the
inside they were all around- Some with pikes, some
with Guns and some with Sticks - the Some of them
passed though the Kitchen towards the offices which
are on the same floor as the Kitchen - I saw three
of the men enter the office - Some of the men
___others went up stairs
remained in the Kitchen ^ My mistress was in to the
Kitchen whilst the men were there and directed me
to give them some bread and cheese and Cider - one
of the men said "We don't want bread and cheese and
Cider - it is men and arms we want" - I left the
Kitchen and went to the cellar which is underground
I drew some Cider and took it to the Kitchen and placed
it upon the Kitchen table - I then put out some bread and
cheese- Some of them men took some of the bread and
cheese and Cider and so Some of them refused - I
was greatly alarmed - Whilst the men were in
the Kitchen they asked me if there were any "Guns and
Men" in the House - I said there was not
one of the men asked me if there was any swords~
~ in the House - I said there was not-
About a quarter of an hour after the men entered the
House they passed out through the Kitchen and went
away- Immediately the men demanded admission
I ran to the Parlour and gave the alarm- and returned
to the Kitchen again - When I got to the Kitchen I saw
several Men entering through the Window - one of them Men
had a Gun in his hand another had a pike -
_____________________ the Mark of
_____________________ Ann Thomas
John Rogers

[the last five lines of text - from 'Immediately' to 'pike'
- are also excised with a vertical strike through]



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