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The Information of Jane Thomas Servant
to Richard Pugh of the Coach and Horses Blackwood. I
have lived with him about 5 weeks - I have seen Mr
John Frost
of Newport- I saw him last a Month
tomorrow night the Sunday before the Newport Riots.
He called for a Glass of Beer at my Masters House and
went out again - He had a glass of Beer - I waited
upon him - I drew it. I did not see him speak to any one
- this was between 6 & 7 o'clock - I did not see any one
with him - he did not stop a minute - I cannot say
which way he came from or went away to - It was wet
it rained all the Evening - I did not see him with an
Umbrella - My Master went out a little before Mr. Frost
went out a little before Mr Frost went out and returned again
about 10 o'clock - Jones came in between 6 and 7 and
called for a Glass of Brandy and water and went out
again about 7 o'clock - I never saw him before but
once in Newport and on the Friday - I have only
seen him three times - I was at home the Friday
before that Sunday - Frost came there that Friday
morning and had some breakfast - he was backwards
and forwards there all that day - I saw Mr Jones the
Watchmaker of Pontypool as I heard a great many
people say so - they called him Jones the Watchmaker
- I saw Zephaniah Williams there - I heard them
calling him by his name - Mr Frost, Jones & Williams
had tea together in the Afternoon - it was dark - they
went away directly after tea - My mistress waited upon
them - they had tea in the parlour - I did not
wait upon Mr Frost, Jones & Williams at all -
I never saw Jones there at all before - I saw Mr
Wm Davies
of the Shop - Son of Mr Roger Davies -
He was at my Masters house at the same time that




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