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10 Clock Sunday Night they would take Newport
at 3 Clock Monday Morning this was after dinner
Reynolds was there when they came near Stow Hill
they w/h/ere to give three cheers to frighten the Mayor
& the Soldiers and the Soldiers would not fire they
w/h/ere to take all the Arms in the poor house then
_________________________________to take
he would send a party to the Magazine for the powder
by that he would have all in his possession: the
Mail was to be stopped in Newport . Delegates
would be waiting in Birmingham if one hour
& half that was the signal sh//wing the north of
& Scotland for the Chartis/ / to rise by
that he would get the Charter and it would
be passed to a law in less time than three weeks
and every one that would go under his direction
should be rewarded after that - After would be taken
he would send a company to Monmouth to rescue
Vincent I will go & surr//und Tred/e/gar House &
take all the Arms and make the House
a Barracks

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