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My wife said perhaps we should not dine
together again. Frost said he hoped when
he would come to Blackwood he could dine
with better content [*] than then as he would
have some of the Tyrants heads off before then -
Frost went out my House with Davies Sunday
Night to the Coach - I went after them
I saw them bo/ /th in the Tap Room - Soon
after that I saw Frost on the Tram Road near
the Coach he said to the people go on pointing
down the tram. Wo/ /men & Children /_ /crying [?]
much - they went Frost was near the front
they had pikes & Mandrels - We went by the
Grey hound
I did not see Frost untill we came
to the Welsh Oak - I saw him Z Williams there
that was noon 12 o'clock - Frost said then the
Tredegar with their pikes must go in Front
he put them in breast from then on Frost was
very active to keep them in order Frost said
ho/u/ld by the Waterloo when he ordered the Gun

[ * l. 4 see note below]



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