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Monday 28 O-[c]t I attended the usual meeting
in the eve-ng
meeting at the Coach & Horses Blackwood
I saw money paid to Pugh there was a
dispute at the meeting Respecting physical
& Moral force Barwell was the Secretary
some said he did not come up to the
mark __________________
Wednesday the 30[Oct] - I saw Z. Williams &
Jones the Watchmaker at Coach and the[y] said
they where missionaries the[y] came to get us
arranged they said they where going to
visit all the Lodges in the neighbourhood
to stir them up - only few present [?] in this
Thursday 31[Oct] - I was at Newport I called
at Hawkins to look at pistols I came
home late & went to the Coach - I saw Williams
& Frost, I was tould Jones was there - I heard
the meeting that eveni[-n]g was private.



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