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Dowlais, Rumney, Twynnstar, Wainllychan [*] ,
L[l]anelly, Blaina, British Works, P[onty]pool, Newport,
they where to secure all the authorities when
they met them and to be kept prisoners as
hostages, they proposed first to march at Abercarne
it was considered to fare for Pontypool people
to walk & he agreed to meet in Risca Ponty
Pontypool to come to Newport all to be at
Newport 12 o clock Monday night & they
where to follow & then lead us and obey obey
their orders when this arrangement was made
Frost, Jones, Williams, Reynolds, Phillips,
Owen, and all the rest was present. Five
pounds was given me by Pugh to buy
arms -
On Saturday I went to Newport I
looked at some Guns I did not buy
I returned the money to Pugh ; The North
came to me Saturday Night I took
him to Frost at his lodgings they both went


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