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Job Tovey of the Penttlwyn Colliery[*]
states - That his Wife told him
on Friday night before the Riots
__as she was going to the Shop she met
That ^ John Frost of Newport
who asked her if he could have a Lodging.
Came to the House for a Lodging
and that
at his House and
my wife said she could. I worked
always at night in getting
thro a fault. I went to work
_________in the Eve-ng
about 5 o cl-k ^ & returned
home about 5 in the mor-ng
I did not see Mr Frost or
know more about him
than what my wife told me.
I did not see Frost till Sunday
morning about 8 O' clock
I merely said good morning
& said nothing more this
was the day before the Riots
My Wife told me a Man
from the North had come
there the night before (Saturday)
with _ Wm Davies ^ to see Mr
and that they went
out together - But that

[*Pen llwyn -Pontllanfraith]



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