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Susanna Tovey Wife of Job Tovey of Pentllwyn
in the parish of Moneythusloyne
Collier states That
on Friday Evening previous to the Riots at Newport
my Brother Reuben Tyley came down from
the Coach and Horses if I could let Mr John
sleep there that night. I said he might.
Mr Frost came about 9 O'clock my husband
came in soon after I suppose he had been with
Mr Frost at the Coach and Horses. Mr Frost went
to bed shortly, we have only one Room with two
Beds in it. Mr Frost slept in one and I and
my Husband in the other. I slept at my Mothers.
I made breakfast for Mr Frost the next morning
(Saturday) about 8 O'clock. I left him to go to my
Mothers after breakfast. I returned about 12. A young
man brought a Letter from for Mr Frost, he answered it.
I do not know where the letter came from. I dined
with Mr Frost and afterwards made him Tea. About
6 or 7 a Mr. William Davies with a young Man who
was stranger to me came to see Mr Frost. My
Husband was in the Room at that time. Frost, Davies
and the stranger then left, my Husband then followed
them shortly after. Mr Frost and my Husband
returned about 9 O'clock they went to bed directly.
On the Sunday Morning Frost my Husband
and myself breakfasted about 8, we dined at
1. I cannot say if any person saw Mr Frost
during the morning as I was at my Mothers.
About 5 o'clock I came in and found Mr William
there who was just setting off with Mr
. I did not see Mr Frost afterwards. Mr
said when at Dinner that he hoped when
he came to Blackwood again he should have
the pleasure of dining with us when the Charter



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