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if any person saw Mr. Frost during the morning as I was
at my Mothers about five o'Clock I came in & found
Mr. Willm. Davies there who was just setting off with
Mr. Frost. I did not see Mr. Frost afterwards - Mr.
said at dinner that he hoped when he came to
Blackwood again he should have should have the pleasure of
dining with us when the Charter did become the law
of the land. My husband left home about 6 I did
not see him again till 8 the next morning when he returned
home I do not know how far he had been with the Mob.
My husband is a Member of the Coach & Horses Lodge.
He left home on the Tuesday for fear he should
get into trouble & I believe he had been remaining at
Coal Pit Heath since. After dinner on Sunday Mr.
said the men from Pontypool & Newport were to meet
at the Cevan 10 o'Clock Sunday night - he said the
Soldiers would not fire on them as they were as much
__ oppressed
distressed as we were - that they would first attack
the Poor House & take the arms that were there then
take Newport & afterwards attack Tredegar House
where they would find a great quantity of arms. I
asked Frost what the men would do for something
to eat he replied there is plenty of flour in
the warehouses at Newport and venison in
the Park and I suppose we shall have some

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