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Thomas Walker of the parrot Inn Saint Woollos Newport
States - On Sunday the 3rd November between 7 & 8 I received
orders from Sir Thomas Phillips then the Mayor of Newport to go
out on horseback towards the Hills in a direction to meet the
Chartists who were expected to march to Newport that night
I proceeded (accompanied by Richard Webb an Ostler also on
Horseback about 3 miles on the Risca Road and then at a
place called Rigby's passed about from 12 to 16 persons who
were standing together alongside of the Road - we said Good
night to each other & I went towards Risca - When I got to
Risca about 200 yards the Newport side of the Bridge I
heard a Gun fired off and a great cheering - I returned
immediately towards Newport and when I got back to Rigby's
I met the same 12 or 16 persons (as I believe) who drew
across the Road and sung out "Holloa" - I tried to pass
them when one of them thrust at me with a sharp
Instrument which inflicted a serious wound in my
thigh and groin - when I was wounded I still
endeavoured to go on when I observed another rank
across the Road about 6 yards from the first that
stopped me - they put up their hands and hallood as
I passed between them but did not attempt to strike
or stop me - I got to Newport very weak from loss
of blood - Webb who was behind me was also
stopped by the Mob, one of whom thrust an
Instrument at him which tore his saddle and
just after he had passed them one fired a Gun or
Pistol I believe at him or me - On my return I
reported to the Mayor what had taken place -
My wound obliged me to keep my bed for a
________________ Thomas Walker



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