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William Waters banks Coal & Ostler I live at
__________________________with my wife
Woodfield Colliery - I was at home on/M Sunday the
day before the riots at Newport until between 6 and 7
in the Evening - about that time about a dozen people
came to my house - they said "come on, come on, you're
bound to come along with us" - I replied "well I suppose
I must come" I went with them because I was afraid
stay - I do not know any of the men who came to my
house I should not know them again - I had intended
to come to Newport on Monday the day of the riots - to see
my Brother in Law who was then very ill - (He died on
Tuesday the 5th) - I end tried to escape twice between
Woodfield and Bassaleg but they prevented me -
I could not see any of the men to know them it was so
dark & did I did not hear them speak except to make
foolish noises hooping- Had it been daylight I dare say
I should have known many - At Bassaleg I turned in
to dry myself at a Public house at Bassaleg I do not
know the name of it but it is kept by a Blacksmith
whose name is Edmund - I ate some bread &
cheese - I had a pint of beer - there were about 3 or 4
then before me drying themselves- I had walked
further than the others all the way & had passed most



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