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___of Gellygross in the Coy of Monmouth Hallier states
Thomas Watts ^ On Sunday 3rd November at 1/2
past ^12 I went from Gellygross to Tredegar to inform
Mr Homfray that I thought an outbreak was
about to take place - On my road I met Jones
the Watchmaker
galloping down the Tramroad
towards Blackwood - Informed Mr Homfray of it & he
begged me to let him know again if any moves had
take place that Even-g or during the night - On my
return near the Argoed I was stopped by met about
from 300 to 500 men as I shod suppose but it was so
dark I could not see clearly - when I had passed ab-t
half of them I heard the word "halt" one caught hold
of the my horse's reins - & John Drew one of the lot
put a spear near my breast & demanded my name-
I told him - he asked whether I was going to Newport
I said I was going home where he ought to go- He
bro called for a light which was brought & then
I saw several I knew - Some person said "its Watts"
he has always been against it - is no use taking
him - he'll do us no good - they loosed the horse's
bridle- I went to Mr Homfray's Agent - gave him instructions
& then went home - When I came home, I found that
4 Men had been searching my House for my
Gun __ part only of evidence _____Thomas Watts



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