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Thomas Watts of Gellygross in the County
of Monmouth Farmer
& Hallier states I left my
house about 8 o'clock on Monday morning
the 4th November to go to Newport - On
my way th Between the Welsh Oak &
Newport & not far from the W[elsh] Oak I f
saw several pikesmen strewed in the tram
road- I also met a great many people
running as if from Newport many of
them were armed with guns & various other
weapons - I should think I saw at least
50 with guns- Some of them who knew
me said "For God's sake Mr Watts don't
attempt to go to Newport they (the Soldiers)
are killing the people by hundreds- I
however went on - In passing through
Tredegar Park I saw from 50 to 100 at
of Mandrills ____________weapons
least ^ pikes & other offensive ^ strewed on the ~

those produced are like those picked up I saw

~ grass by the side of the Tramroad ^ There & many
I also met many ___at least
^more people at 1000 between Bassaleg &
Risca - I went back to near Risca to stop

______________________ Thos Watts



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