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home and went to bed - we were out of the Lodge before 6 o'clock -
I went home and went to bed - we were to meet again at 6 o'clock -
A great many came to the Door and told me they would break the
Door if I did not go - I was obliged to go - I was bound to go - they put
a guard over me - I took a Stick which I had in the house with
a large nob on it - we were to go down towards Newbridge - we were
joined by a great many - some with Guns some with Swords some
with sticks and a great number of pikes - I know a great -
number of them a great many of them acted as leaders - I don't
remember their names - some strangers came up fearing we would
not go - we were told that Mr Frost was gone ahead and we were to
follow him - We met Mr Frost at the Royal Oak Beer House this
side of Risca - there was a great many men with him - some of
of them were armed - he was walking about from one to the other - I
saw him speak to several - I did not hear what he said - I know
Mr Frost he is now here - I don't know the Prisoner Walters -
Frost went away for about an hour - he came back with some men
I believe they were armed - all this was in the dead of the night
We went on to Newport - there was a very large party - several -
hundred I be bound - we went in marching order - when Frost
came back he put them in the way - On the way he put us in the
way to march - we halted in many places that we might come together
Frost was with us sometimes in front and sometimes at our sides - he
came to look how we were getting on - we came through Tredegar Park
it was then about daylight - we came on from Tredegar Park to the
top of Stow Hill - we halted a the Machine - as soon as one cried
"Halt" there was hundreds that cried "Halt" - I saw Frost before we
came to the Friars - he was walking on one side - I did not hear him
say anything - I knew I was to go somewhere to Newport - the last
time I saw Frost was at the Roman Catholic Chapel - we were-
marching down the Hill - he was there - he came with us all the way
we came on towards this house - I was behind a great many -
hundreds - as we came round the corner I saw the party that had
come with me go with their pikes against the door - some of them had
Guns and I heard the cry of "fire fire" - when they cried out take
and break the windows - I stepped forward - the first I saw was the

[notes in left margin
alongside lines 1-16]

Mr Frost
does not know Walters -



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