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The Declaration of Matthew Williams of
the Argoed Colliery Quarryman taken
before Lewis Edwards Esq Justice of the Peace
for the Borough of Newport in the County of Monmouth
This 4th day November 1839 -

Last Saturday night about 10 or 11 o'clock
Two Stewards of the Chartist Lodge called
I went to the House of William Williams who
keeps a Beer shop at the Argoed - There were
two Stewards of the Chartist Lodge and eleven
_________________we They
Men besides myself ^ were ordered into a Room
and their names taken down as Members of
the Lodge and entered in a Book - Five pence
was asked from each man upon his giving his
name - Some of the Men paid the five pence but
I had no money - We all ^ went away - The Steward
named one as Captain of the other Ten Men - The
Captain received was told by the Stewards that
he would receive instructions on the next
morning and that the men were to meet
him at 10 o'clock next morning - I was on my ^way
to Chapel next morning and met my Captain
at the place proposed - I don't know either of
the Stewards or the Captain - 3 or 4 men besides
myself met the Captain - We agreed to meet
at the same place between 5 and 6 o'clock the
same Sunday evening . We met accordingly about
About half the Lodge met that Evening about
_____________________ (I believe he is
100 men. George Reeves ^ met a Collier
I believe ) met us - He told us that he was
a Messenger from Mr. Frost - that we were to



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